These are some poems that I wrote over the last few years. They get older in date the further you scan down the page. Click the link and a word document will pop up for you to enjoy

Punk Rock Poem

Just Pretend

Poem For My Mom

My Promise To Never Make Another Promise

Obligatory Magnet Poems

Simple Sin

Casting call

Petty Revolutions

Temper Tantrum


Wave of Words That Serve No Purpose

My Written Will

Self Portrait

Mission Statement

Cut Into Me Baby

Building perspective

My Promise to Never Make Another Promise Again

Falling Forward

New World Disorder

What’s Good in the Hood

The Floor Is the Ceiling

Rubber Neck


Highlight Reel


There’s An App For That


No Motives, Pure Freedom

Pretty Pity

Buried Treasure

Party of a Lifetime

Ode to Angst


Shared Appreciation?



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